Ger camps are the main accommodation in the countryside during the tours. The ger camps are located close to the main attractions or in scenic areas in the appropriate day’s driving distance from one another. A tourist ger camp has approximately 15-40 gers, a large ger restaurant or a house restaurant serves with European and Mongolian meals. Some ger camps have game rooms and open playgrounds. Flush toilets and showers located in separate blocks from the ger accommodations. There are several ger camps have attached private bathroom gers and those gers are considered ensuite. If you wish to stay at the ensuite gers, please inform us in advance. We will arrange the ensuite gers at some additional payment. The ger camp staff make great efforts for a comfortable and enjoyable stay of their guests. Some of the ger camp staff speak basic English while few of them speak English and other languages fluent.

Many tourists defined that “The gers are cozy and comfortable accommodation.” A ger is a traditional Mongolian felt covered, wooden frame, collapsible and mobile dwelling. Outside and inside walls and roof of the modern gers covered with white canvas makes the ger more comfortable and fresh. A top window and bottom natural air conditioners of this round shaped, circle dwelling let the gers always have an air circulation and good energy. Each ger accommodation has 2-4 single beds with clean linens, an altar/ a drawer, a table, chairs, hanger and a wood burning stove. Slippers are available at the showers, but randomly available at ger accommodations. This is just to give an idea of the ger accommodations, and some of their furnishings differentiate. The gers have a single electric light bulb and some of them have a two round holes socket (220 V and you may bring your adapter) to charge batteries.  Although, you should go to their restaurants to charge your belongings when staying at some of the ger camps located in the remote areas. They have generator sourced electricity available at certain times of the days. The paths are lit at evening times, and the lights turned off at nights not to attract flies and insects.  Therefore, bringing a torch is recommended. The fire warms the ger quickly but keeps in mind that the ger camps in the Gobi have a shortage of wood. The ger camp attendants should make the fire several times even at nights according to your request because the ger cools down quick in the cold. Asking small woods and lit the fire yourself could be another experience. The ger camps can provide extra blanket on request during cold times. The gers are lockable with a padlock even though this is not necessary. Internet or WIFI is not available at ger camps and you can buy a 3G sim card in Ulaanbaatar and use the internet when there is reception when passing towns and stay at ger camps located within the network reception.


The ger camps have big ger or house restaurants to serve with Mongolian and European style meals. The meal ingredients of nomadic Mongolians have always been nature derived and simple, which has been kept today. The ger camp restaurants meals are considered simple and the main ingredients are beef, mutton, chicken, pork (randomly), pastry, noodles, rice and most commonly used vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, beets, salad leafs, pimentos, reddish, onion, garlic etc. There are bars at the restaurants those serve both soft and alcoholic drinks.


The ger camp bathrooms are mostly separate houses used by all guests. Many of ger camps have central electricity and hot running water available 24 hours however some of the ger camps’ hot water works specified times of days and cold at other times (water heats by solar or fire). Therefore, please make sure when the water will be heated. The bathrooms have electric lights, mirrors, basins with running water, flush toilets, etc. Besides, you may bring your amenities and hairdryer (if it is necessary). One thing not common, but you should know the flushing toilets and hot shower could not be available if you are traveling in spring and autumn when the weather is cold to freeze tube water.



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