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Thank you for your visiting View Mongolia Horse Trekking. We are local travel experts have more than 10 years’ experience arranging tours at every corner of our beautiful, pristine, unique, vast open and empty country of horse-based nomadic culture and hospitable people. We hope and foresee Mongolia is definitely a destination for horse lovers and horseback adventurers to enjoy their riding in the fenceless nature without time and space limit. Our agency owes about 100 horses in central Mongolia even though we arrange the tours across Mongolia. Our agency is well-equipped with riding and camping gears. We believe and aim to support the nomads’ livelihood, their children’s education and the horse based nomadic culture co-working with them. We always dedicate our best to make our clients' travel with us some of the most enjoyable experience. We feel comfortable when our clients feel comfortable. We are happy when our clients are happy.  

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